Re-housing, well, everything…!

Hurrah!  Corey & I have finally found a lovely house to move to (backs onto a park!)  – and only a month to go so everything’s going to be a bit mad here, getting everything packed up & ready to go.   Don’t worry, though, you can still buy stuff from the Etsy Store – the shop things will be the very last items to be packed up & the very first to be unpacked (aside from computer!).

I’m very happy & excited about the move 🙂 – this really looks like somewhere we can settle (finally!).  But it does mean I’m going to have to be ruthless.  It goes against the grain for me to throw stuff out, so instead, I’m going to begin a re-housing campaign.  I have tonnes of old/vintage needlework/needlepoint/cross stitch (etc) magazines, books, and even some kits that – realistically – I just don’t need.  I will of course keep anything that I feel I am likely to refer back to, & that will be more than enough!  But I will definitely appreciate not taking the excess with us.

Please check out the Re-housing Clearance section of my Etsy Store, & have a browse.  I started listing things this morning, and there are charts and kits for blackwork, counted thread, embroidery, canvaswork/needlepoint etc.  I’ll be adding more over the next few days – there’s lots still to come, including books, threads and fabrics, so please keep checking back.  I need your help!

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