A project for the vernal equinox

I’m so happy – spring is officially here!  I’ve been rejoicing all week in how much lighter the early mornings are, as it lures me out of bed, giving me an extra hour or two of work-time every day.

spring-needlebook-coverTo celebrate the joyous vernal equinox, I’ve designed this cute mini needlebook, The In-Vernal Pins & Needlecase.  It’s also a cunning way to help you with your spring cleaning ;-), as it will help you use up some of the tiniest scraps of felt, and – of course – will help you organise all those dratted (infernal) pins and needles!  I arranged the cover pins to look like a little posy of spring flowers (they are just skimmed through the top layer of felt fibres, so that you can still see the ‘stems’)  but you could easily make a pattern of stripes, or spots by arranging them however you please.

spring-needlebook-needledI love the inside of this needlebook.  You might imagine there are more scraps of felt to park your needles…but no!  You can, of course, use felt, or any other scrap fabric you might have.  What I used were the washing instruction labels from some of my old clothes.  The sizes vary slightly, but I like the higgledy-piggledy-ness of variety!  The labels are often folded, so if you fix the labels into the needlebook with the creases away from the spine, you can pin needles into both sides of the label, making even more needle-space!

Have a great day – stitch a needlecase, or plant some seeds, or…just do anything to celebrate spring!

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