5 days left – sign up for DIY Weaving Club now!

Only 5 days left to the cut-off point, if you want to sign up for the D.I.Y. Weaving Club’s April consignment…
The first 10 subscriptions I send out will receive an
extra free (mystery) gift, so sign up now!

Subscriptions are taken up to the 25th of each month, and monthly bundles are sent out in the first week of the following month (the cut-off date means I know how many kits/bundles I need to prepare in the following week; it’s not just arbitrary, honest).
Click here to sign up or just to find out more!

So, what can you look forward to in this month’s bumper bundle?

  • A mystery DIY weaving kit – being a mystery, I don’t want to give too much away, but I do think it’s a really great recycling concept, so if that’s your thing, take a chance!
  • A double-sized issue of Telaic Fantasy zine – click on the link for details of contents.  In brief, there are features, reviews, web profiles, extracts from poetry & literature, and (in this issue) special ‘ideas’ notepaper!
  • There’s a subscriber-only pocket inside Telaic Fantasy, where I will include another small weaving-related treat!
  • An exclusive club-only supplement, with additional articles & project/web links.  This issue’s theme is weaving with paper -more exciting than you might think, & eco-friendly, too.  This month’s supplement comes presented in a cunning letter-fold design, so your first challenge is just to get into it!
  • A randomly selected Colour Bundle (5 different textured yarns in a colour-themed pack, approx. 200m total length)

Anything else?

  • If this is your first month’s subscription, you will receive a funky, fabric-covered button badge!
  • All club members can take advantage of an extra 10% discount on any additional TangleCrafts purchases, for the duration of their subscription

I think that’s all, but think of all that fun stuff arriving through the post!  Oh, this month’s despatch will come in handmade envelopes, too – that’s kind of cool, right?


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