The Everlasting Anniversary Notebook

As one of my lovely if rather random paper anniversary gifts, the lovely if rather random Corey gave me a single random sheet of patterned 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper.  He has no idea what scrapbook paper is, but he saw it and thought I would like it.  Which I do.  It actually feels like total decadence to have a piece of  ‘expensive’ paper to work with, rather than recycled copier paper, or just using up the mis-prints.   It didn’t take me long to realise that this was not actually a piece of paper, but a notebook cover in disguise.

anniversary-notebookanniversary-stepsTherefore (and quite cunningly), it is also the variation-on-a-theme to the Cardholder Wallet, that I promised in my previous post.  It uses exactly the same folding process for the cover, but because the starting paper is square rather than rectangular has a half rather than full fold for the inner pocket. (Just click on the long tall thumbnail to the right, for full-scale image, if it does not appear large enough to read the text.)

You’ll see I bound the inner pages into a plain cover rather than directly into the cover you can see above left.  I could quite easily have bound it straight into the decorative paper, but as it was an anniversary gift, I wanted to make an ‘everlasting’ notebook (e.g. once the current note paper is used up, I can just insert a second notepad).  I continued the decadent theme & treated myself by printing the notepaper on my most luxurious recycled paper, a creamy colour embedded with golden flecks of straw (I usually save it for gifts etc – for once it’s a gift to myself!).

I’m really glad I made this notebook; I know I will smile every time I use it.

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