The Tangled Press – what’s that all about?

Do you notice something slightly different about the header display above? The Tangled Press is here!

I just decided that it was time to stop apologising for all the papercraft projects that were creeping onto my blog here, and embrace them, instead. The Tangled Press will be the home for all things printed & stationery: zines, notebooks, and other…paper stuff.

Don’t worry, TangleCrafts isn’t going anywhere; this site will continue to be an amalgamation of both concepts, as The Tangled Press is just another branch from the root source that is TangleCrafts.  (And more weaving projects will be coming soon, I promise!).

Telaic Fantasy was actually the first outing for The Tangled Press, so it’s not an idea that’s come out of nowhere.  But it’s an idea that’s grown. The Tangled Press is all about harnessing ideas (for instance, using the special custom-printed ‘ideas’ notebooks I’ve mentioned in earlier posts).  The Tangled Press logo isn’t new, either; you’ve probably already seen it on the cover of TF – it’s the tree that grew from the original (far simpler) TangleCrafts logo.

I’ll announce The Tangled Press Etsy Store very soon, and will add some more bits & bobs here & there as soon as I scrape together the time!


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