How to make a cardholder wallet

It’s been nice for me to see my wedding photos at the top of the blog for a few days, but I thought I’d really better get some new stuff posted, so you don’t think I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth!  I actually made the first model for this cardholder wallet last Friday morning, before heading off for the weekend, and I’ve been working on the how-to since I got back.

Cardholder wallet (I didn’t realise until I uploaded this PDF just how big the file was.  If it is literally taking for ever to load, please let me know, & I will split it down into a couple of smaller files.)


Made purely by the awesome power of folding, this is a brilliant way of using up any waste or partially printed copier paper.  My printer – much as I love it – has an annoying habit, just every now and then, of pulling through 2 sheets of paper at once, resulting in packaging printed on the wrong paper type, or just completely misaligned printing.  You can, of course, use new and/or decorative paper for the project, but as you can just fold any ‘blips’ away out of sight, it is perfect for previously wasted pages.

Whatever paper you use, this cardholder wallet is perfect for storing ATCs, business cards, gift cards, or anything you can fold down to a similar size.   If you give a gift card as a gift, think how nice it would be to make a personalised wallet to make it even more special!

The main instructions show you how to make a wallet with 2 back-to-back pockets (not shown), but you can easily extend the idea with just 1 extra sheet of paper for 6 internal pockets, instead.

If you really don’t need card storage, though, watch this space – I’ll be adding a variation on this theme very soon!

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