Telaic Fantasy 2 is here!


This is the zine that will go out with the next (April) D.I.Y. Weaving Club bundles; but you can also buy Telaic Fantasy #2 all on its own, if you’d rather not wait!

TF2 is A6-sized, and 24pp (twice the size of TF1!).  It is a funky dual-purpose part-zine, part-notebook, so if you pop it in your bag in the morning, you’ll have something to read in a quiet moment, but also handy notepaper for scribbling those ‘essential’ messages to yourself throughout the day!

The first 10 copies are signed & numbered, and all have a simple, hand-stitched binding.  Check out the Etsy listing for more details of contents etc.

Do you remember a few weeks back, when I was talking about ELF techniques, and figuring out different ways to fold a cover for the zine?  If so, you may be slightly disappointed with this issue!  Thing is, I realised that the mystery kit I am intending to send out with the April D.I.Y. Club doesn’t fold up into a compact little package like pretty much all of the others.  I had an envelope-pocket-cover all decided on – then I realised it just won’t work, for this particular kit!  So I have stuck with a very simple cover for this one, and will save the ELF idea for another issue…  It also made life slightly easier, as with the simpler cover, I can have printing on both sides.

If you’re a sucker for all those pockets and things, though, fear not – there’s still an extra pocket for club members, and (because I didn’t like the way the folded-down cover flapped about, so added some glue) there are 2 empty integral side pockets.  Okay, so they’re empty, but you can use them for whatever you want to keep handy…

Oh, and the TF supplement that will go out with the April D.I.Y. bundle also utilises one of the ELF techniques I discovered, so you haven’t been entirely cheated…!


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