‘Origami’ CD Wallet

After proudly showing off my jelly packet notebook this morning, my husband (the musician) was suitably impressed.  Then he began to muse.  Uh-oh.  “Hmm,” said he, “You know, a cd wallet is really just a larger version of that matchbook…”  He trailed off and looked at me with that fake-innocent ‘I’m just thinking out loud’ expression.

Okay, okay, I took the hint.  Why can’t musicians just be happy with a notebook, like a ‘normal’ person?  (Ha!)  It not being my profession, I was perfectly happy with the cd wallet I designed for ‘Telaic Fantasy‘ – a simple wraparound of printed paper, sealed at the sides with a couple of round-head/long-arm pins (do these have a more concise name, anyone?).   But he did have a very nice cup of proper coffee waiting for me when I got up this morning, and I was feeling a vague sense of guilt for not considering how my investigations into ELF might benefit him, too…

So I did a very quick piece of research.  The very first cd wallet instructions I uncovered worked perfectly, and adequately impressed hubby.  I went back to the pc and scoured a little further, but it seems there’s not as much variation out there in terms of cd wallets as there is for other envelope forms.  Although there are lots of different sites with instructions, they all seem to be for exactly the same wallet. Click here for the one I thought had the clearest diagrams/photos/instructions (& some other cool re-purposing ideas, if you want to explore further).

I think I will go back to my original envelope research, though.  I originally ignored designs that resulted in a square envelope as it wasn’t what I was looking for; with a little tweaking of sizing, however, it might work perfectly for a cd…

N.B. I put origami in quotation marks in the header, because although this is true origami in the sense that the finished item is created purely by folding paper (no cutting, no sticking), I just can’t get my head around the fact that origami can be functional rather than decorative.  This is a personal failure, and I’m working on it!

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