The latest Misshape

Here’s my latest Misshape.  He’s not at all the shape I intended (but I kept changing my mind as I was stitching the outline) – & I guess that is the point of Misshapes!  Everybody here thinks he looks like a little ghost.  He’s probably my least favourite Misshape so far, but he was fun to stitch.  This one is stitched with 2 pieces of felt (different colours, back and front), rather than dress/t-shirt fabric, like the last ones.  I stuffed him with moong (/mung) beans, which in hindsight was a mistake, as he looks kinda bumpy up close.  Cotton wool or wadding probably would have worked better for the flatter felt body.


If you have a sudden urge to sew a Misshape yourself, but you’re a bit scared cos you’ve not made anything like it before (like I was), I do recommend starting with felt rather than fancy fabrics.  The felt is much easier to hold, cut, and to sew through.  On the other hand, if you’re worried that you’re stitching won’t look neat enough, you might be better off starting with a different fabric, as you don’t turn the felt creatures inside out, so your stitching remains visible on the finished Misshape.  Personally, I think a little unevenness to the stitching would only add to the charm of a felt Misshape…  Imagine a Misshape with a little wad of stuffing sticking out the side – it would just make him more endearing, surely?!

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