Jeans Pocket Pincushion

Pocket PincushionAfter the ‘success’ of my Mis-shape, I was still itching to stitch.  I dug out an embroidered pocket that I saved from a pair of jeans that I threw out years ago.  All I did was running stitch across the top, closing the pocket, except for the last couple of centimetres.  This time I was better prepared, rolled some card into a funnel, and made less of a mess filling the inside with moong beans.  Finished stitching across the top.  I could have left it there, but my streak of pink stitching looked a bit wishy-washy, so I whip-stitched back across it with a 6-ply hand-dyed cotton, so it looked as though it wasn’t pretnding not to be there.  It makes a great pincushion (actually, it makes a pretty good paperweight) and I’m really pleased that after about 5 years I have finally done something with that rescued pocket.  I knew it was worth saving!

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