There must be so many uses for these cool small envelope designs (not least as seed envelopes, as intended!).  Check out this link for some lovely floral & foliage decorated envelope templates & utilise them in your preferred crafty manner.  Some additional templates are simply folded into shape, and require no cutting or gluing at all!

This site has some different envelope templates.  You can buy special envelope-sealer glue (apply to an edge so it dries, then moisten to seal envelope at a later stage) here.  You can probably get it other places, too, but this is the first place I’ve seen it…

One thought on “Envelopes!”

  1. Hi! I had to pop over to take a peek at your Misshapes! Too cute! I have been collecting socks with the idea of making Ugly Sock Creatures – soon… lol In the meantime though the shopping is fun.
    I think it is funny how we go off on these tangents – I am presently obsessed with knitting dishclothes. No good reason for this but I am intrigued with all the different patterns you can work them up in. Nice to see what you have been up to.

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