2nd cute creation of the day!

Misshape RabbitOh. My. God.  I can’t believe it, but it’s even cuter!  Misshape #2 has long rabbit ears, and is stuffed with lavender rather than moong beans (I thought lavender suited the colours of this one; but I have to say, it’s much easier to stuff with beans!).  He was made in exactly the same way as Misshape #1, and as you can see from his poor, malformed body, was stitched freehand rather than from a pattern.

The fabrics I cut this one from were a lighter jersey than the t-shirts of Misshape #1, so I was extra careful when pinning them together, as both cuts were keen to spring in unhelpful directions.  The patterned fabric is from what used to be one of my favourite dresses (which I sadly know I will never fit into again) so I’m very happy to have created something so cute from it.  And of course, there’s tonnes of fabric left, so maybe I’ll make a little family of misshapes…

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