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Telaic Fantasy, issue #1

Telaic Fantasy, issue #1

The first issue of my little zine, ‘Telaic Fantasy’, is finally ready!  I’ve spent a happy morning hand-stitching the bindings of the first 10 copies (which will also be numbered & signed).  ‘Telaic Fantasy’ isn’t actually about D.I.Y. weaving – it’s just a collection of weaving-related features, reviews, and extracts from mythology & literature.  It is 12pp in A6 format, printed on recycled card & paper & costs £1.50 (+p&p).

I’m going to add a ‘Telaic Fantasy’ page to the site later this evening, where you will find discount offers and other fun stuff.  For example…

‘Telaic Fantasy’, the soundtrack!  A CD is also available (exclusively to TangleCrafts) of a hypnotic piece of vibraphone music that my husband wrote for me years ago, called ‘Telaic Fantasy’ (I stole the name from him, rather than vice versa!).  The track is only otherwise available on his album ‘Sipping Rioja at Home’, but this is the extended version.

Telaic Fantasy CD - £2.50

Telaic Fantasy CD – £2.50


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