Flax-woven angel

How lovely is this?  A bit late for Christmas, but save the idea for this year, instead – click here for step-by-step instructions with photos.  Okay, perhaps she’s not exactly woven, but still, it’s a lovely, crafty idea.  I’m sure you could make the angel out of alternative materials if flax isn’t convenient for you(!), but the website gives advice on all aspects of gathering, preparing, dyeing and weaving flax, so if you like the idea of weaving with something genuinely green (okay, I know flax itself isn’t the colour green, but you know what I mean ***see comments below, before you pick me up on this!) it’s very worth checking out.

2 thoughts on “Flax-woven angel”

  1. Thanks for the link! I’m a bit puzzled though, that you say that flax isn’t the colour green – the flax I know is very green. The flax in the link you gave is variegated, but most flax is green, very green!

    1. Sorry, this is just me not knowing very much about flax. I imagine the flax dries to the straw-like colour of the baskets shown at the top of the page? My knowledge of flax begins and ends with mentions in fairy tales, which gave me the impression it was golden (ie ‘flaxen-haired’ – I’m guessing they weren’t medieval punks!). I embarrassedly stand corrected!

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