Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has had a festive festive season & a happy new year.  I’ve had a fun but full couple of weeks, with very little break from work (despite lack of posts here).  Despite best intentions, I accomplished virtually no weaving, but I did squeeze in some time on some more text-driven projects I have in mind.  I intended to handmake Christmas cards, which kind of happened, but was all very last minute.  I invented a Christmas card-cum-mini D.I.Y. weaving kit that I gave one each to my mum & sister.  I feel slightly guilty about it, but they were at least handmade…  I did manage to handweave one card – very hurriedly! – for an older gentleman, who has been a friend of the family for years.  At least he will appreciate it!

I don’t generally ‘do’ New Year Resolutions, but there is quite a lot in my head that I would like to see happen in the coming year, so I thought the act of writing it out might push me to see more  through.

  1. Moving house. 😦  Not happy about it, but we’ll be looking to move on again as soon as we find somewhere.  I’ll be happy to be in a different house, but I just hate all the upheaval and not being able to get on with all the ‘usual’, day to day things.  Hopefully, this will be the last time, for a while…
  2. Set up Etsy store. I need to do this sooner rather than later, as I know it will make things easier for everyone involved to have a ‘proper’ online shopping facility.  This is my resolution for January.  I will do it.
  3. Finish adding products to site. Okay, the blog is a never-ending process.  But I still have quite a few products in my head that just need a little bit of work to turn them into real kits and concepts to sell online.  There will definitely be new products added in the near future.  Watch this space…!
  4. Exhibit at more craft fairs. Again, time limits the amount of saleable stuff I can produce, but I would ideally like to fit in 3 or 4 fairs this year.  I have found a couple of organisers who arrange things relatively local to me (not being able to drive, this is quite a big issue for me) so it should work out…
  5. Write a book! Okay, maybe it sounds unrealistic, but I’ve been looking into it in a very real sense. I already have a lot of material – I just want to pull all the D.I.Y. weaving ideas together in one place, with some miscellaneous extra bits, too.   I’m looking at self-publishing rather than mainstream, mainly because I just want to get it done, but also because presentation is quite important to me, and I don’t think the author has much control over that aspect with mainstream publishing.  But using my home-printer isn’t financially viable, so I will lose the nice recycled papers I prefer to use, regardless. I need to look at viable printing options that retain a measure of eco-friendliness, but are also, and essentially, low-cost. I’m thinking about hand-making the covers to retain the personal touch, but I need to think about how realistic that is.  As you can see, there is lots of stuff bubbling about in my head, with regard to this!
  6. Self-publishing some zine-type things. This is where the idea for writing a book originated from.  I soon realised that there is too much D.I.Y. weaving material to make a single, financially-realistic zine, but not enough peripheral material to pad out a whole series of D.I.Y. weaving zines.  But I do still like the idea of running some small booklets off, on the home printer, and am thinking of website/blog reviews, book reviews, that kind of thing.
  7. Re-format Stitchery stuff. My stitchery/bargello designs fell completely by the wayside in the latter half of 2008.  It’s not my driving focus at the moment, but I would like to re-organise things slightly, so that the designs are more visible/accessible.  If I get the D.I.Y. weaving book off the ground, it would be nice to dosomething similar for my bargello ideas, too.
  8. Weaving. Hey, there’s a novel thought!  I really hope I have time to do some weaving this year!  I had an idea months ago, to make some truly miniature weavings and I guess that is the thing I should focus on first, to follow through.  Look out for weavings a borrower would be proud of, at TangleCrafts this year!
  9. Isn’t that enough?!

So that’s my grand plan.  Wish me luck – I think I’ll need it!  Did I mention I work full time, as well…?

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